I am FINALLY getting to this post! It’s taken me over 2 weeks…AH. Whoops. Anyways, let’s get crackin’:

I recently went on a trip to Alaska with my mom and my dad (no little brother, he’s studying abroad in Singapore- lucky him) and I wanted to document how you can eat paleo while traveling. Honestly, it’s easier than you might think. So, when I started paleo, my family use to get so frustrated with me when I was trying to order (and sometimes they still do, sorry guys!), but over time I have learned which questions to ask. For the most part, people are pretty nice and most kitchens are willing to accommodate any type of food allergy. Alaska was GREAT in this department. All of their produce, meat, and fish were fresh and almost every restaurant we visited had some kind of gluten-free menu. Alaskan’s are -surprisingly- pretty health conscious and prefer to live wholesome lives. No complaining on my end!


Gorgeous hike in Alyaska & panning for gold at Crow’s Creek!

Here are my top travel tips for my paleo peeps:

  1. Always pack trail mix, preferably one that you have made yourself
  2. Make a loaf of paleo bread and bring 1/2 of it along
  3. Bring your favorite dark chocolate, a lot of it!

When out at restaurants, here are some key questions to ask:

  1. Does it contain gluten?
  2. Is there dairy prepared in the dish?
  3. Is it possible to sauté _______, instead of deep frying it?
  4. Can you bake or steam _______?

Besides from these questions, you really should be able to navigate around any menu. If there is fish that has rice, just ask for it without the rice and add more veggies! If there is steak with potatoes, see if the kitchen has sweet potatoes they can prepare instead.


Obviously, I enjoyed my veal. Too much.

Also, probably the most important point, DO NOT BE EMBARRASSED TO ASK QUESTIONS. I would get so nervous, especially when my family would make some snide comment or remark…now, I don’t give two shits. I’ll put in my body what I want, if that means 100 questions before I order my food, then so be it!

We had such a great adventure! We basically travelled to 4 different towns right outside Anchorage. We stayed a few nights in Seward where we went halibut fishing and did a wildlife tour. Our next stop was a small town on the Kenai river, we had a day of salmon fishing- caught 37 lbs! Last, but not least, Alyaska. This is considered to be one of Alaska’s biggest ski resorts, it was beautiful! We were only suppose to stay for 1 night, we ended up staying 2 nights just because it was sooo relaxing.




Mama and Papa on Wildlife Tour!

After our adventures, we ended up back in Anchorage where my dad and I both had to..duh, duh, duh WORK! It was not bad though, my dad actually won an award for his humanitarian work abroad! So proud of this guy! GO DADDY

SRS 2014

All in all, amazing trip! Here are some pictures of some of the grub I ate while in Alaska. Some of the highlights: Wagyu Steak with Truffle mushroom broth and bok choy, grain-free/dairy-free blueberry cheesecake with pecan crust (no added sugar either!), veal shank with sweet breads.


Deconstructed BLT salad with Duck


Sautéed Calamari with Jalapenos


Espresso rubbed ribeye steak with broccolini


Wagyu Steak with Broccolini, Bok Choy, and Truffle Mushroom Sauce


Vegan, Grain-free, Sugar Free Blueberry Cheesecake


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